Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our chatterbox, Michael

Recently, Michael has said some really funny and cute things that amaze are a few!
- greeting me in the bathroom one morning, he says, "Mom, did you have a good night sleep?"
- "I love you guys" after he woke up from his nap
- after handing him a bag of goldfish, he says "It's my favorite snack in the whole world."
- "Brendan, I'm so proud of you!" & "Your my best baby ever."
- not hungry yet for breakfast he tells me "Mom, my belly is not growing (growling). I'm just fine."
- after telling him I'm happy that he ate his dinner, he says "I want to give you a hug. Thanks for making my dinner.  I'm so glad your happy, Mom."  

Also to note, one of the shows Michael watches at this time is Super Agent Oso and Oso often says "it's all in the plan more or less." Well Michael uses this phrase in appropriate instances which makes us laugh! 

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