Friday, January 14, 2011

Big Night, Big Boy

Look at my new bed!

Last night, Michael slept in his new room & 
big boy bed for the first time.
This picture was taken in the pitch dark with the flash..
a bit deceiving.

All smiles after bathtime:)

Finger Painting

Not quite sure about the paints
Jumped right in after Mommy painted first
So intense!

the Masterpiece

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snowed In - First Snowfall 2010

Putting on Mommy's boots...

Sher Christmas

Michael & his cousins
Polyanna exchange
Michael's new truck flashlight & bowling set

Mamie, Pop-pop, & all of their grandchildren wearing 
the PJ's that they gave them.

Christmas 2010

We started having Christmas at our house this year.  After each present Michael
unwrapped, he said "open it" and played with it for some time.
Due to this, he unwrapped presents from 7-12! 

Coming downstairs to see what Santa brought...

He LOVES the train

Watching the train come through the tunnel as he says
"Here is comes!"

Opening his box of power tools

He is into tools, especially the hammer!

Looking at his new book
Fixing the sit-n-spin
Lots of laughs...
Showing us his Uggs
Catching butterflies

Digging into his stocking

Christmas Eve at Mom-mom & Pop-pop's House

Michael loves his Home Depot tool bench!
Patting Baby Jesus

He loves tools!
Michael & Damon