Thursday, September 29, 2011

What have we been up to lately?

I've been falling behind on updating the blog regularly, so here is a lengthly 
post of pictures to recap our past month!
All of the things/activities that keep us busy day in & day out...

riding the fire truck & taking turns
beginning to clap (9/24)
beginning to rock on all fours
sitting up independently and...
playing with the doggie
cutting 4 top teeth ALL AT ONCE
going to "Mars" on a "spaceship" which Michael
designated on his own (beginning imaginative play) 
finger painting & playdates with cousins
pulling out winter clothes & trying them on...

playing together...Michael loves to teach Brendan new things, 
shares his toys, and takes turns
 visitors including Aunt Gigi 
a trip to the zoo
Brendan is much more alert on this visit - here
he is enjoying watching the ducks
cheering on the Phillies
and best of all (over the past month), we have had very 
happy boys that are so much fun to watch & be around!
We can't get enough of this smile!

Mastery of Straw

Brendan immediately withdrew water from the straw on the first attempt!
He has a pretty strong suck which is evident every morning
when he sucks down his vitamin from the dropper 
in one suck and at his last doctor's appointment, the
nurse was shocked and noted that he is the fastest baby to slurp down
the oral vaccine!

Brendan - 7 months old with 6 month stats

As of September 12th --
Weight: 18 lbs   Percentile: 44%
Height: 27 in      Percentile: 54%
Head Circumference: 18 1/4 in    Percentile: 95%  
**Once again, we have a baby whose head circumference made a BIG jump and therefore was measured numerous times to confirm that the original measurement was correct.  I assured the nurse that this is pretty common for our boys (thanks to Daddy)!  The doctor pulled up Michael's chart and sure enough both boys were very similiar -- no need to stress this time around!