Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Little Blondie with a Mohawk

Ocean City Rides

Wow, what a difference a year makes! Michael didn't want to get off the
rides this year and woke up this morning stating 
"We go back to Ocean City"(and several times through out the day). 
 When asked, "What's your favorite ride?", he replied, 'helicopter'.
So serious while riding the motorcycle

Getting a ride from Jack

Michael & Aunt Mo
"I push buttons like Daddy"

We can't forget about Brendan who was the best baby
anyone could ask for - so happy & enjoyed flashing his smile to many people!

Children's Museum

Future broadcasters....Avery & Michael 

Brendan was happy as ever as he enjoyed the views from the stroller.

Stretching with Daddy

Enough stretching...chewing my finger feels much better
on my gums!

Mommy's Big Helper

Michael gave me a hand while I made dinner
and enjoyed feeding Brendan all by himself!

All Clean

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The past month in review although many posts are out of order...Enjoy!

Michael's First Phillies Game - June 26th

We sat in our seats until the 4th inning then walked
around the stadium & enjoyed some ice cream!

Two happy boys after their nap

(pictures taken 7/20)

the Wedding

Dad joined us for a picture at the salon!
Michael made it down the aisle solo - 
initially, he was hesitant as he stopped to glance at the kids
in the back of the church, then ran to Daddy in front once he was half way up the aisle.

Michael literally danced the night away - 
no nap & finally crashed at 10:00 when the party was over!