Monday, August 22, 2011

Michael's Big Accomplishment

Exactly one week ago, we started the potty training process.
Michael did an exceptional job! One hershey kiss was his reward for 
pee,and 2 for going #2.  All week we asked him often
 if he had to use the potty but on Saturday morning while laying 
in our bed, he hit the big milestone as he rolled over and 
said "Mommy, I have to pee." He was so excited!  
Today, we realized that he was able to control his bowels when
he held it for 30 minutes until we got home because 
he didn't want to usethe 'big' potty at the DMV.
The next few pictures are misleading - 
he has not yet used the 'big' potty but he tried it out last night!
At least he is sitting on it because he has been scared of it!

Michael loves his cousin's scooter, so we told him that only big boys 
that wear underwear can ride a scooter in order to motivate him!
Well, it worked - today, he got his new scooter:)
He is now wearing underwear during the day and sometimes on short
errands, and pull ups at nap & night.  We have even had some dry 
ones after nap!

He is such a big boy & we are so proud of him:)

A few "firsts"

meeting Andrew

jumping in Jumperoo

 tasting veggies...peas
using a cup

Such a ham...

All tuckered out!

Brendan - 6 months old

Wow, where did the past 6 months go?  Brendan has definitely
grown over the past month now that he is eating cereal.
No stats until his 6 month check in September (1st available appt)!!
One would never know that he is cutting a third tooth on the top.
Brendan is close to sitting independently, reaching for toys around him,
and LOVES to watch Michael.  Michael is usually the one who makes him laugh!

According to this very old scale, Brendan weighs approx.
17 1/2 lbs.
Enough is enough with this photo shoot:)

Playdate with Jilly

Michael & Jilly enjoying water ice outside of Jilly's house!

Cooking in the kitchen
Lounging by the pool

Thanks for having us over!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Outerbanks 2011

Last week, we vacationed in Avon, NC with 44 other family members.
We had a great time filled with lots of 'firsts', food, drinks, sun, and 
fond memories!!
Michael insisting to drive after our first stop

Michael's first fishing trip in the ocean.  At first, he didn't like the rocking of the boat
but once Mom-mom told him it's like a ride he didn't seem to
mind it & stayed busy catching fish.  Michael caught 2 seabasss
both of which were keepers!

Ready for the pool

Michael got his first surfing lesson from Daddy in the pool.  
He has tremendous balance as he stood on the board while being
pushed back and forth. 

Brendan enjoyed his first time in the pool! 
He enjoyed splashing & didn't mind his face getting wet!
Michael has become an excellent swimmer with all of 
the practice over the past week!
Mom-mom & Pop-pop joined us for Michael's first time
mini golfing.  Although we only made it through half of the course
due to bugs, Michael began to get the hang of it!

our summer girls
the guys

the girls
Heading home

"Cool dude"

The first of many lessons...

taught by Michael. 
At mealtime, Michael is always eager to show Brendan
the signs he knows!