Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Swim Class

Michael began swim lessons in the summer and is doing very well in such a short time.  He is now able to kick and beginning to paddle.  His comfort level with floating on his back is improving each week. The biggest improvement is going under water - since the first time, he has never taken in water, so we know he is holding his breath...but he used to cry each time he came out of water.  Now, Michael is closing his eyes and holding his breath on the count of 3 without having to blow in his face, and coming out of the water without crying!  He loves it:)

Paddle, Paddle, 1...2
Making a T & floating

He loves the fish kick board

London Bridge
Swimming through the hoop to Daddy...

Swimming to Daddy...

Coming out of water...need to wipe my face!
Celebrating at the end of my class...


Things that Michael LOVES to do...

Push the vacuum....everyday, all day!
Wearing "Daddy's hat"

Playing with the firetruck with Daddy

Checking to see who is driving...he typically says "Daddy"

Michael fell on sidewalk and scraped knee on our way to the Margate Fall Funfest.
Afterwards, we went to see Daddy at the firehouse, which Michael 
calls "Daddy's house,"so that he could "fix booboo" 

19 months old

"fo gig!" (So big)

Hugging the baby.  Michael says "hi" to the baby several times a day and has
to kiss & hug my bare belly.  He is says "I buh boo baby!" 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ben & Kristin visit

Ben & Kristin came to visit us for 2 days!  
The boys had a great time together & we enjoyed catching up!
Thanks again for coming to NJ:)

Michael & Ben at the playground

Taking turns hitting the ball
Strong Ben picking up the vacuum...such a big hit for both of them!
Our field trip to the firehouse!

Ben was so serious taking it all in!
Taking turns driving the big truck...

We hope to see you again very soon:)

Random pictures

Such long eyelashes
Michael's "cheese" face
Michael giving Elmo a hug!
Thanks Meg for the balloon~we miss you!
Drinking a smoothie from a big boy cup

Don't remember what was soo funny...

Football Lesson #1

Getting into a 3 point stance
Taking a snap...

Lesson over...time to play!