Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jungle BIrthday Party

My handprint lion...
Thank you VERY much Aunt Jill for making my cake!

Jungle animal cupcakes

My friends & cousins
'Pin the hat on Tiptop' - before and...
Thanks Aunt Morgan - I LOVE my life size giraffe!
Happy Birthday to YOU...

Pinata time...Swing!
My cousins & friends wearing the shirts that I made!

Michael & Avery...obviously it was naptime!
Opening gifts...
Converse from Uncle Kevin
My first kettlebell from Uncle Tom
Phillies gear from Uncle John & Aunt Kailey

What a long day...finally, dinnertime!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

The Birthday Boy!
Michael's gift to us...walking!

He loved taking the pieces out of his new puzzle

Hesitant with his new tunnel

"Soo big!"

Allie & Aunt Rosie came over to see Michael!

"I'm ONE!"

Michael was more interested in the flame than the cupcake itself!

Michael did not care for the cupcake being on his tray!
He tried 2 bites and...
took a lick of the icing!

1st Birthday--Part 2!!

After dinner & cake, Michael opened the rest of his presents!
He was a pro at tearing the paper...

Michael looked impressed that he was able
 to hold 2 balls in one hand!

Tunnel fun!
Michael was reluctant to go through tunnel until he was motivated
by the balloon!

We have a pretty stable walker on our hands now!

Bedtime...kisses & 
hugs for Hightop (his new favorite giraffe)!
Michael saw this giraffe when we were in Hallmark yesterday 
& Mommy was obviously a sucker for buying it! 
He giggled and cuddled & kissed it which was so darn cute 
& too hard for me to take it from him & put it back on the shelf!