Saturday, December 24, 2011


On Tuesday, December 20th, Brendan finally decided to start
crawling! For the longest time, he was able to get on all 
fours, rock, and move his hands forward, but was 
reluctant to get his legs moving, too.


Let the festivities begin...

Santa came to our neighbors house on Sunday.  
Michael is becoming more comfortable around him.  

Michael decorated a big gingerbread man!

Brendan - 9 months old (late post)

9 month stats at 10 months (Dr's appt are 1 month behind)
Weight: 21 lb 3 oz   (25-50%)
Length: 28 3/4 in    (25-50%)
Head Circumference: 19 in  (>95%)

Monday, December 12, 2011

All Caught Up...

Sit back & relax....grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat while you catch up on the boys over the past month! The first post is titled 'Playground Fun in November'...Enjoy!

Matching jammies

Happy Boy at almost 10 months

MCFD Lunch with Santa

Michael & Brendan with their cousins

Our Tree

Looks much bigger in the house than it did
on the tree farm!

Cutting down the tree

Michael was so excited to cut the tree down
with his saw!

Such a big helper

Breakfast with Santa

We went to breakfast at the Linwood Country Club 
with the Mother's Club on December 3rd.
Michael wanted nothing to do with Santa but Brendan
was willing to sit at least for this year!

Michael not happy about the whole Santa thing!
Music time with teacher Andrea
Jingle bells...
Craft time with Hailey
Brendan & his bud, Christopher

Michael chasing after Christopher's sister, Avery!
Both Michael & Avery and Brendan & Christopher
will be in the same grade together!

Thanksgiving 2011

Brendan LOVED all of Mom-mom's food!

We spent the weekend at Mom-mom & Pop-pop's
following Thanksgiving.
Michael & Brendan playing foosball which was
Uncle Jay's when he was younger.

While in PA, we visited Kirsten and Conley, my cousin's
children.  It was a nice day to play outside!

November skies